Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Unemployment among Young People in Poland

One third of all unemployed are less than 30 years old. Many employers are looking for people who have some experience but young people lack any work experience. The results of the research done during the last decade showed that the graduates of Polish high schools and universities are prepared well in theory but not in the practice. They are missing practical skills.

Young people have a hard time to find a job also a result of the demographic high. There were many kids born in the beginning of the 80-es, (their parents are a result of the after-war high birthrate of fifties). Now this generation is graduating from the high schools, technical schools and the universities and they have a hard time to find a job.

The unemployment among young people is very dangerous also from a social aspect. It increases a crime rate as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Youngsters in Poland cannot find easily a summer job or after school job (so called McJobs) - like in the USA - working in a fast food restaurant or in the grocery. They are more inmature in that aspect - relying on their parents' money longer than their American peers.

The generation that enters the job market now - is the first generation which was growing after communism was abolished. Eventually a majority of the young people would find a job because they can adopt better to a new environment. They are also more flexible, more mobile and better educated- compared to the older generation which was growing during communism and is used to the social benefits offered by socialistic system.

According to the statistics the group of people which stays unemployed the longest are these between 30 and 54. Especially people without high degree of education who are not willing or unable to re-qualify or move somewhere else. These people were also not exposed to the system of work in capitalistic society and they are unable to work in a competitive environment.


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