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Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary by Iwo C. Pogonowski

Polish-English and English-Polish Dictionary by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski is just a right book for everybody who is planning either to travel to Poland or need to use Polish language either for genealogy research or for doing business

Iwo Pogonowski is a renowned author and a writer of several books ranging from Polish history to phonetic dictionaries, check list of Pogonowski's books available through Amazon. His Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary is of the pocket size but is contain amazing size of entries - over 31 thousands with a phonetic pronunciation (in Pogonowski's simplified phonetic notation) both ways - for English-speaking people and also for Poles.

Every entry is brief. It contains a word in question, pronunciation in brackets, abbreviation - usually denoting the part of the speech (if it is different than noun), the gender of the word in question and finally one or several words - equivalents to the word in question in the other language, depending whether the word in question has one meaning or several.

Here is a list of the most important features which are included in the dictionary

  • The list of the abbreviations - in the very beginning, before the main dictionary.
  • The main dictionary
    • English - Polish Dictionary (pages: 1-284)
    • Pogonowski Phonetic Notation and the Complete Phonetics for English and Polish Speakers (pages: 285-297)
    • Polish-English (pages: 299-682)
  • Help - how to use this dictionary (pages: I-V). The author discusses specific Polish and English features of the language, for instance using of diminutives in Polish languages; origin of the Polish and English languages, their classification, similarities and differences.
  • Several graphs and tables, among them the table showing a relative difficulty of Polish language among other languages for English-speaking person (VI)
  • Examples of words with their declination and conjugation in Polish language (VII-VIII)
  • Preface (przedmowa) for a Polish reader in Polish language (IX-X)
  • Glossary of the menu terms in both languages (XI-XIV)
  • Cardinal and Ordinal numbers (XV-XVI)

I highly recommend this dictionary to every person interested in Polish culture and language!

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DictionaryPolish-English and English-Polish Dictionary by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski

Poland HistoryA link to another of Pogonowski's books: Poland: An Illustrated History (Illustrated Histories)

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