Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Chef Mike’s Easter Picnic Basket

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Chef Mike’s Easter Picnic Basket
Spiced Pickle Spears
Beet Pickled Eggs
Plum Pierogi
Whole Wheat “Easter Twist”
Boozy Ham
New Potato, Green Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad
“Grilled and Chilled ” Asparagus Salad
Lemon Bunny Cake
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Hey this is your friend, Mike Baruch, wishing you all good health and cheer. Congratulations to Jaga and Nancy for all their hard work in giving our young generation a forum to toss around new and refreshing ideas about Polish heritage and culture. I wish we all lived closer together so we could have a true Polish summit centered around food.

With Easter around the corner, I’ve been deluged with e-mails from around the country asking advice about lighter and healthier recipes with which to celebrate the occasion. Hmmm! Good question Thaddeus Kosciusko. What’s a Polish kid to do? Alright, check this out. I’m going to be on the road over the Easter holiday up North so I’ve decided to do Easter at the beach or any obliging picnic table I can find. I’m going to entertain a few local wine owners I know so I needed to come up with a menu that could be prepared a day or two ahead of time, packed up in a cooler, and brought to a destination. Hope you enjoy my Easter menu!

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