Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Recipes for Kolacky or Kolachky

Babcia's Barbara Recipe - from Poland

Babcia wrote: Here is a recipe for Kolaczki that both my Mother and I use. Hope you like it!!

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Horseradish, the Bitter Herb of Spring: Cultivation and Recipes

Horseradish is an herb long used at the Easter season by Polish, Russian and other Eastern European cultures. My dad always put a generous amount on his Easter morning kielbasa. I love it also, but flavor it with beets and also use it in potato salad.

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Sweet Peas in Polish Garden

Spring weather is like a child's face, changing many times a day.
- old Chinese proverb

If you haven't already planted your sweet peas (Polish groszek pachnacy), it is the time to do it now. I love the neon colors of these intensely fragrant flowers, but they also come in many pastel shades. The Sweet Pea or Lathyrus odoratus is a highly scented annual of the Leguminosae family. An individual bloom consists of three or four flowers (or florets) on a stem.

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Paczki Recipe

You will find here the recipe for the most delicious Paczki. But one have to remember, the best pounchki are from a bakery. It is hard to obtain such dough quality (very soft) by doing it at home. The most famous are pounchki with the filling from rose marmalade. The marmalade is done from the crushed pellets or buds of roses with sugar. Only certain types of roses are suitable for it.

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Herring Salad with Beans

My favorite dish for Lent is herring salad (well, I eat it throughout the year actually but during the Lent it's a must). Normally it's my Mom who makes it but now I emailed her for a recipe and I'm going to make some salad myself. And I'll share the recipe with you. Here it goes, for a small portion:


1/2 kg salted herrings
1 kg potatoes
1 can of red or white beans
1 onion
1 sour apple
2-3 pickled cucumbers (pickled in brine if you can get them - or pickle them yourself; otherwise use cucumbers pickled in vinegar)
2 hard-boiled eggs


Put the herrings in water for some time or - if they're not very salty - just wash them. Boil the potatoes and then peel them. Cut everything in little cubes and mix. Season with olive, vinegar, pepper, garlic if you want. I would also add some mayonnaise but it won't be a traditional fasting version anymore.


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