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Polish Theme Day At Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore, Md.- At the sprawling Bayview Medical Center of world renown Johns Hopkins Hospital, here on October 12, 2004, a pleasant and amazing event occurred: the spacious cafeteria was transformed into a "Little Poland" in every respect. It's entire area was festooned with Polish flags, banners, folklore maps, signs, dolls and artifacts, with toe-tapping Polish background music piped in to add to the ethnic effect.

CafeteriaBut the best part was the special, extensive Polish menu featuring a wide variety of delicious "Old Country" foods available at the several different serving stations. Included among the many culinary offerings were: mushroom barley soup, pierogies, spareribs with sauerkraut, chicken breast in white sauce, potato pancakes, ham with chrzan garnish, kielbasa, various salads, and more. The delightful deserts offered were glazed, filled paczki, chrusciki, and cream cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce. The many scores of patrons in the busy cafeteria were happy, very satisfied and sated after being treated to the virtual Polish feast personally arranged for, and co-coordinated in every last detail, by intern Emily Sokolowski, who greeted everyone dressed in her authentic Polish costume from the Krakow region.

Emily, age 23, hails from Cleveland, Ohio, where her parents Bernard and Mary own and operate Sokolowski's University Inn which specializes in Polish repasts. She has previously graduated from the University of Dayton, Ohio, and is presently serving a very intense and demanding one year post graduate Dietetic Internship at Hopkins. Sokolowski overcame fierce nation-wide competition to become one of only six interns to be admitted to the distinguished program. As part of the curriculum and practical training, each intern must sponsor and fully organize a theme day of their choosing in the hospital's cafeteria. To her credit, and by day's end, it became very apparent that Emily had composed and conducted a most successful concert of Polish cruise and atmosphere, much to the delight of everyone who experienced it.


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