Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Remembering the Pope

I remember the smile on my Dad's face and how excited he was as a Polish American when a Polish Pope was chosen! Pope John Paul II was a hero to our family right from the start. We followed his wonderful achievements throughout his life with pride, tears and smiles. I will never forget my first visit to Poland to teach English with my husband and son just after communism ended. It was evident that they were so very proud of him and the impact and influence of John Paul II was so visible everywhere. Yes, he was a hero, in Poland, in the world and in our hearts.

When my husband's choir, the Cathedral Singers of Camden, went to Rome a few years ago, I made a gift to take to our beloved Pope. We had learned a Polish folk song called Polskie Kwiaty or Polish Flowers. I remember hearing that he loved this song, so I framed the words of the song with flowers I pressed from my garden including a few pressed blooms from our trip to Poland.

I was thrilled to send this up to the Holy Father with the priest from our group, Father Michael Spagnolo. I have always liked to think that he might have hung it and looked at it at times when he like to remember the meadows and beautiful gardens of his beloved Poland. God Bless Pope John Paul II, the Pope of all the people!

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