Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Polish Pottery and China from Old World Merchant

There is a growing interest in Polish pottery. The internet online stores are booming. What is it about Polish pottery which attract people from all around the world? - high quality, unique patterns, unique techniques, old tradition. Pottery from Boleslawiec does not contain lead like other famous European stoneware lines.
The oldest pieces of Boleslawiec pottery that have been found date back to the first half of the 16th century. Potters' guilts were organized as early as 1511 in the Silesian region where Boleslawiec belong to. Silesia is very rich in many mineral resources - among them clay - useful for pottery production. This clay can be found in the basin of Bobr and Kwisa rivers, near Boleslawiec.

Polish potterySilesia region was influenced by different cultures and ethnic groups. It belonged to different countries during its history - Poland, Germany and Bohemia. The stoneware industry developed when Boleslawiec, called Bunzlau, belonged to Germany. But there is an evidence of pottery making since the 7th century when this region belonged to Slavs - so the history of pottery is definitively entangled with all the cultures which inhabited this region. Since 1945 Boleslawiec became Polish again.

Polish potteryAmong dozens of pottery stores which are active online - the Old World Merchant offer is particularly interesting in its variety.
Polish pottery offered by Old World Merchant is made in Boleslawiec's factories specializing in authentic traditionally glazed, colored and stamped stoneware. All products are handmade, some of the designs go back to Frederick the Great, Prussia's King times from 18th century. All wares are oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. They are beautiful and durable.

Old World Merchant offers also high quality china from Walbrzych (Waldenburg) in Silesia, Poland. The factory where Palace China is produced was established in 1845 in Altwasser (now, part of Walbrzych) by Karl Tielsch, later bought by concern Hutchenreuther. This porcelain is very popular among collectors for their style and high quality.

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Polish Pottery

Polish pottery